Aigialos Technical Ltd. is a limited company which was introduced in the year 2006 by well-known professionals belonging to the construction industry. The company has been classified in the Qualification Register of the Greek Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works at the second division for building highways, hydraulics, energy, marine and electromechanical works. Aigialos is being able to perform various works which could reach up to 2,000,000 Euros.

Aigialos Technical Ltd. utilizes its staff's long time experience when it comes to construction works. Moreover, they also use a wide range of modern equipments as the company cater to a lot of technical works. When it comes to working on its contracts, Aigialos makes sure that it is involved in every stage of the construction: the initial concept, design, construction as well as the maintenance. In addition to this, they also cater to specialized works which demand some amount of technical knowledge.

Aigialos Technical Ltd.'s completed contracts are as follows:

  • Rehabilitation of a traditional two-storey house within the medieval settlement 'Olympus' in Chios, the fifth largest island in Greece in the Aegean Sea.
  • Remedial works in the port of Vouliagmeni (otherwise known as the 'Marina Vouliagmenis', which means 'Port of Entry').
  • Support of the deep open cut excavations of a multi-story building in the centre of Athens, the capital city of Greece.

Aigialos Technical Ltd.'s ongoing contracts are as follows:

  • Construction of the Port of Kos, an island next to the Gulf of Gokova - (currently at its second stage works).
  • Design & construction of a slaughterhouse located in Kos.
  • Design and construction of a unique building located in Chios.
  • Construction of the new helicopter parking deck within the Rhodes Maritsa Airport, a military airport which is located on the island of Rhodes in Greece.